HarpCare for Calm offers self care and nurturing programs designed to help you flourish.

Drawing on 15 years experience and with qualifications in Nursing, Counselling, Art Therapy, Spiritual Care and Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation training.

Whether your focus is on self nurturing, learning mindfulness and/or relaxation, I can support you by tailoring sessions for individuals and groups.

Sessions may include:
• Meditation and Music – experience a sound journey using guided imagery and the Celtic Harp
• Curated live music
• Try the Harp Workshop – making music together for enjoyment and wellbeing (no prior musical experience needed)
• Training in mindfulness-based stillness meditation and self care programs, often using the creative arts such as journaling and art processes.

Upcoming Event

Music + Mindfulness session

Sunday 31 October @ 7:30am – 8:30am

Please join me for a gentle nurturing start to the day filled with harp music, a guided mindfulness-based stillness meditation and poetry.

Just bring a pillow and blanket and I look forward to seeing you then.

You must register for this session either in person at Sanctuary, Canberra, or online: HERE

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